The success of WASUP is as a result of the huge network, locally and regionally that Prof Gatrad has built around him through his medical work, community work, Lieutenancy work and through being Freeman of Walsall. Most of his associates have been aware of his national and international collaborations which extends to over 20 countries where he has provided Medical and humanitarian aid for over 20 years. He not only initiated WASUP but is single-handedly driving it. He does not have a committee but has, over the last 18 months, formed groups of people with a leader in each with whom he regularly interacts. This model works best for him. He has still a long way to go in engaging certain groups, such as scouts, but where there has been success, he has capitalised on it. Crucial to his vision is the education of children on the long term dangers of plastic. He visits a school per week. Secondly, with the help of Canal and Rivers Trust (CRT), where his good friend and fellow Deputy Lieutenant John Hudson OBE is chairman, he has succeeded in arranging regular meetings with CRT staff who have subsequently organised Canal Cleans e.g. with Homeserve staff. He says that ‘we have a common enemy in plastic – a concerted effort by all communities will ensure that it is used and disposed of sensibly. ’ In simple terms, his message to all communities is ‘don’t litter but recycle – what has been senselessly thrown let us pick it up.’






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