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We've been using plastic for over 100 years now. There are a lot of advantages to it's use such as being lightweight and water resistant. However, as they are fully synthetic, plastics pose a massive risk to nature. With an extremly long life cycle. WASUP are aiming to reduce our plastic use to improve the environment, for all children.
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Some of the schools that are involved in the WASUP movement have, with the help of the schoolchildren made a song that everyone can get behind to raise awareness of the fight against single-use plastics. We have made a video to accompany the song, click the button below to watch, listen and share. Many thanks to Old Church Primary, Salisbury Primary and County Bridge Primary schools for their efforts.

We must use every option available to us to generate public awareness of this local, but ultimately global issue. If you can make any small sacrifice in your own personal use of single-use plastics, collectively we can make a massive difference.


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Practical Ways to Help

Help Prevent the usage of Single Use Plastics

Stop Using Single Use Plastic

The simplest way to help is to cease using single-use plastics. Then there is no chance that they end up in the ocean. A simple way to start is when you go to the supermarket, take your own bags.


Ensure that plastic to be discarded is put into the correct bin and is not contaminated eg. with mayonnaise or other food. Recycled plastics can be reused, making even more products.


There are always projects to help clean the streets and canals of Walsall. Getting in at ground level will help rid the area of plastic waste. Check out our social media pages for upcoming events or email info@wasupme.com for more info.