Receiving the Life time achievement trophy from the Lord Lieutenant for services to the NHS, Humanitarian work, the Queen’s Lieutenancy and the environment.

Receiving the CRT Green Award from the Lord Lieutenant – John Crabtree OBE

Professor Gatrad’s 75 years of Life in 15 minutes

Professor Gatrad’s awarded his Lifetime Achievement Award

Lord Lieutenant’s speech and presenting the Lifetime Achievement Trophy to Professor Gatrad

Receiving another Lifetime achievement Award from Andy Street the Mayor of the West Midlands Combined Authority.

Receiving the national David Middleton Sustainabilty Award

Bollywood Wasup Song

Jennifer Carless trained in Planetary health by Professor Gatrad gets a Global Certificate on her 3 minute video on evidence why Climate Change is created by humans.

Jennifer Carless

Jennifer Carless – International Chief WASUP Ambassador and Miss England WASUP Queen

Jennifer gives a presentation on climate change

The head judge was Lord Professor Sir Robert Winston

WASUP in a single poster

Book for primary schools on the scourge of plastic

For primary school children

Channel 5 launch the WASUP book

BBC interview Prof Gatrad on WASUP

First WASUP Garden in the UK at Millfield School Walsall

WASUP branded with the United by Birminghan a community brand of the commonwealth games

TV catches up with Prof Gatrad's WASUP

Prof Gatrad's Life story on TV


Pan-African News Conference-22 Countries join WASUP

Sheku Bangura

Chief Pan African WASUP Ambassador

Wurie Mamadu Tamba Barrie

Secretary General For WASUP Africa

Rabia Ijaz – Chief WASUP Ambassador
Gujarat Pakistan launches WASUP Pakistan

Miss England explains WASUP

A 15 year old  Chief WASUP Ambassador

(S Africa) addresses the world

Paraolympian Ellie Simmons who has won many gold medals joins WASUP for a canal clean

Story of 3 Plastic  bottles

WASUP Helping to Save the Planet Lets Get WASUP Done

We've been using plastic for over 100 years now. There are a lot of advantages to it's use such as being lightweight and water resistant. However, as they are fully synthetic, plastics pose a massive risk to nature. With an extremly long life cycle. WASUP are aiming to reduce our plastic use to improve the environment, for all children.
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A Message from Our Founder

Download our latest Powerpoint Presentation HERE

WASUP Launch with The Mayor Marco Longhi and Lord Lieutenant to the Queen

Speech on WASUP at launch

Andy Street the Mayor of West Midlands launches the WASUP school exhibition

Our Videos

Prof Gatrad steers WASUP towards mitigation and
adaptation of climate change

Miss Leicestershire expounds the WASUP principles and will inspire those watching

Let us make a spectacle project
Keflyn Sachar

Latest News

WASUP poster amanda_rs_thumb
April 8, 2022
WASUP in a single poster

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August 14, 2020
WASUP Founder thanks Miss England

Professor Gatrad OBE – founder of WASUP (World Against Single Use Plastic)...

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August 6, 2020
WASUP reaches York!

Hi Everyone My name is Jennifer Carless.  I am 16 years of age...

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WASUP launch Pakistan

Isobel Lines – Miss Black Country, learns about WASUP from Prof Gatrad


Keep up to date with all of whats happening around Walsall in the fight against SUP's


Practical Ways to Help

Help Prevent the usage of Single Use Plastics

Stop Using Single Use Plastic

The simplest way to help is to cease using single-use plastics. Then there is no chance that they end up in the ocean. A simple way to start is when you go to the supermarket, take your own bags.


Ensure that plastic to be discarded is put into the correct bin and is not contaminated eg. with mayonnaise or other food. Recycled plastics can be reused, making even more products.


There are always projects to help clean the streets and canals of Walsall. Getting in at ground level will help rid the area of plastic waste. Check out our social media pages for upcoming events or email for more info.