WASUP Salute

The W formed in the salute has a dual meaning – Walsall Against Single Use Plastic and also the World Against single Use Plastic. What seems a gimmick is meant to bring children in all schools and communities together in the hope that it has a serious meaning and everyone can relate to it. This salute can, in theory, be passed onto future generations for them to live by the WASUP principles. Many schools and community groups know about it in Walsall but a lot of information still needs to be sent out to Walsall residents and in time beyond.

Upload Your Photos

Just send a pic of you doing the WASUP salute using the contact form at the bottom of this page, and watch your wasup salute appear here on this page.

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WASUP across the World

The pic above was taken during the delivery of water aid by Professor Gatrad’s charity, Midlands International Aid Trust (MIAT) to Syrians at the Turkish border. The message of single-use plastic WASUP will eventually reach all corners of the world.