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We are very proud of  WASUP and what we are going to achieve.

Here you will find a collection of videos, downloads, photos and messages from supporters and events we run.

If you are one of our supporters, partners or even a concerned citizen and want to get involved, you can learn all about how we are going to reduce the single-use plastic usage in Walsall.

WASUP: Pre-launch speeches

Canal Clean in Birchills with WASUP

Walsall has a network of canals – most badly polluted. I have picked out plastic and other litter from the canal in Birchills. Canals used to be very picturesque with many visitors and fishermen.

Now, this has been seriously affected by the filth that has built up with a resultant change in the eco-systems in and around the water. Presently canal-sides attract unsocial behaviour – we found condoms, syringes and needles. If canals are cleaned regularly more people will come to relax and enjoy the ambience, as happened many years ago with improvement in both mental/physical health and decreased antisocial behaviour.

Great Canal Clean for WASUP with new partners The Sutton Canoe Club