Sky Ocean Rescue

Launched on 24th January 2017, Sky Ocean Rescue aims to shine a spotlight on the issues affecting ocean health, find innovative solutions to the problem of ocean plastics, and inspire people to make small everyday changes that collectively make a huge difference.

Sky Ocean Rescue is working with WWF to protect and restore our amazing oceans.

Check out our website at


Lush Return Plastic Bottle Tops

Handmade cosmetic company Lush can collect small amounts of ‘domestic use’ bottle tops through their stores,  so if you can’t find a local recycling facility to take your bottle tops, save them up and head on down to your local Lush shop and help the environment.

Lush will also take back all their own black pots for recycling, so keep your empty Lush pots and return them to the store at the same time!

*Lush tell us that they are unable to process plastic bottle tops on an industrial scale so if you are a business or charity etc. please find a suitable alternative recycling solution.

Trash Challenge

Recently a hashtag challenge has gone viral and we love it! It started as a Facebook post which was shared over 300,000 times and it challenged teens to find an outdoor area that was filled with trash, photograph it and then clean it up and photograph again. You are then to post the before and after pics. There have been thousands of before and after pics posted across all social media channels.

We would love it if the people of Walsall and beyond got behind this initiative. WASUP are already doing this most weekends at our regions canals, but we can always do more.

Become Part of the Solution Not the Pollution

TerraCycle & Walkers

TerraCycle® and Walkers® have partnered to create a free recycling scheme which accepts all crisp packets.

You can drop off your used crisp packets at public drop off locations across the UK and Ireland – find your local one here. If you don’t have one nearby, why not set one up today? Everyone can get involved: individuals, companies, charities, community groups and schools.

We also offer reward points, which means you could help raise money for local good causes.

If you know of any worthwhile campaigns that you think we should be supporting, then please email and update us at