Lubainah Majid Chef Azad, Jammu & Kashmir International Youth WASUP Ambassador

Miss. Lubainah Majid

Chef Azad, Jammu & Kashmir International Youth WASUP Ambassador

Ambassador: Lubainah Majid.
Age: 13 years old.
Born in: Pakistan, Mirpur AJK Country of residence: Pakistan
School: Beacon House School System Mirpur AJK.


Lubainah Majid Javed is a middle schooler currently in her last year, 8th grade and is a climate activist. She started her journey in grade 5 as she shot a video against plastic pollution, firmly stating her view on the negative effects of plastic, she has been planting trees, leading campaigns and school projects against deforestation and delivering presentations and lectures to parents and children, she is working with organizations such a Muslim Hands to promote sustainability and is an ambassador of their solid waste management project, along with being awarded by Lakhat-e-Husnain(Founder Chairman). She is an ambassador for WASUP (World Against single use plastic) and is mentored by her Professor Abdul Rashid Gatrad OBE, founder of WASUP.

According to her words “WASUP is a guiding light for me as it provided me with the capability to speak louder and have my voice heard, with Professor Gatrad, I have faith in winning this war against plastic pollution.’’

WASUP promotes the use of alternatives instead of plastic (single use) and as an ambassador, she is promoting a plastic free world, plantation, sustainable development, sustainable living, and personal and global steps to reduce the amount of plastic pollution produced, she is delivering awareness, lectures, presentation, platforms and making content. She is an aspiring writer having written articles about plastic pollution and climate change, with features in Daily Shaheen Newspaper and Daily Adalat newspaper, she received a silver award for her piece in Commonwealth Society Essay of 2023.

She wants to publish the book she is currently writing; she has a zeal for establishing her firm for sustainability through which she can hold workshops and empower youth, she aims for the UNITED NATIONS and wants to initiate a global campaign to save the land she stands on.

She will grow up to be a trauma surgeon and a Climate activist. As a student of climate science, she wants to test and explore alternatives to non-ecofriendly items and make her ink from air pollution as well as plant liquid trees in Mirpur.


Title: Her Earth or it was…. 

She runs and runs yet again there is no ground beneath her feet, salty tears escape her eyes and an agonizing screech is heard from her gullible heart, she tries again and again incessantly to grasp the damp earth below her, but her hands grip a rough texture, an enemy, something that has colonized the earth to extents it has not remained to be called earth, plastic. 

She in denial sprints towards her mother, the one the with resilience supported her back, one of nature that was tranquility in her chaos, was advice in her demise, was her shadow against the scorching earth, she sprints as her feet try to deny what has metastasised throughout the earth and there lies there lies…plastic, not her mother, not the tree she called her mother, not the pivotal part of nature that supported her. Where was humanity, in the plastic bags that laid around, she was left to ponder as she mourned the earth that was so dear to her.

Now I ask you before this becomes someone’s reality, save my earth. Let’s get WASUP done. 


Lubaina Majid Achievements Over the Years