Eshal Shaukat, the WASUP Chief Youth for Pakistan and International Ambassador

Miss. Eshal Shaukat

Chef Pakistan & Pan Asia International Youth WASUP Ambassador


Eshal Shaukat, the WASUP Chief Youth for Pakistan and International Ambassador from Beacon House Girls Campus, Canal Faisalabad, Pakistan, is a dedicated environmental advocate who has significantly contributed to conservation efforts. She has planted over 300 trees and translated Dr. A.R. Gatrad’s ‘Story of Three Plastic Bottles’ into Chinese for distribution in China. Eshal also launched her hand sanitiser brand, ‘Silky Pearl by Eshal Shaukat,’ promoting hygiene and sustainability.

Eshal’s passion for sustainability extends beyond her actions to advocacy and education. At just 13 years old, Eshal’s talent and commitment were recognised when she succeeded in the regional round of the International Sustainability Art Competition (BISC24) Thailand, using her art to raise awareness.

Eshal has appeared on national television and in newspaper coverage to raise awareness about climate change. Throughout her ten years of schooling, Eshal demonstrated exceptional consistency by never missing a single day, reflecting her dedication and discipline. As a proactive climate change activist, Eshal spreads awareness through speeches, videos, and initiatives aimed at inspiring positive change worldwide. She remains steadfast in her belief that with collective effort, she can contribute to saving Mother Earth for future generations.



Title: Wasupeers stand for nature

In a world so vast, where skies are fair and blue,
We dream of futures bright and dreams come true.
Plastic mountains rise, and seas do swell,
Their silent cries on the breeze do tell.

Three WASUPeers, we stand for the trees,
Guardians of land, air, and seas.
With hearts ablaze, as climate champions,
We fight plastic’s grip with determined actions.

For children’s laughter and birds’ sweet tunes,
In a world where everyone blooms.
Hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, we stand,
To heal our Earth with loving hands.

With love and hope,
Eshal Shaukat ❤️
Wasup Chief Youth Pan Asia Ambassador



Aneesha Shaukat

Miss. Aneesha Shaukat

Deputy Pakistan & Pan Asia International Youth WASUP Ambassador


Aneesha Shaukat holds the position of WASUP Deputy Chief Youth for Pakistan & International Ambassador and is associated with Beacon House Main Campus Canal Faisalabad, Pakistan. Despite her young age of only nine years old, Aneesha translated Professor Abdul Rasheed’s “Three Plastic Bottle Book” into Chinese for its launch in China. She is actively involved in climate change activism and has a deep interest in astronomy.

Recently, Aneesha won the Copernicus Science Olympiad competition throughout Pakistan, earning a gold medal in the initial round and subsequently receiving an invitation to the final round held in Houston, USA. Additionally, Aneesha is developing a handwash product and has planted 200 trees, predominantly olive and fig trees, as she believes this will contribute to boosting our country’s economy.

Aneesha also strongly believes that together we can reduce plastic and make the world a better place. Her perfect attendance over eight years of schooling demonstrates her unwavering dedication and commitment. She frequently discusses these initiatives in local newspapers and on TV channels, furthering awareness and advocacy for her causes.